Creating and Managing Waivers for Youth Sports

August 31, 2022
August 31, 2022 Cinch. HQ

Creating and Managing Waivers for Youth Sports

Here is What You Need to Know

A legal dispute is the last thing you want to deal with as a youth sports volunteer. Minor disagreements over the phone can take hours to resolve or back and forth emails with parents can be time-consuming. Therefore, you should ensure that these disagreements don’t result in any legal trouble. 

The best way to deal with this issue is by including waivers on your registration forms. A waiver is a contract between two parties that agree on waiving the legal rights of one particular party. Waivers can help volunteers, athletes, and organizers avoid possible legal disputes. 

We will discuss a few waivers that many youth sports organizers have as part of their registration process. This article will also discuss adding these waivers to your registration forms. 

What Sports Waiver Should You Include in Your Sports Registration form?

Many youth sports programs will include waivers that parents need to acknowledge during registration. Sports organizers should separate all agreements rather than combine them into one large document. Now parents will have an easier time reading and understanding the waiver. 

Acknowledging the waiver should be mandatory for parents to complete the registration process. You can include different types of waivers in your registration form. Let’s go over the most common ones that sports organizers.

Injury Liability Waivers

Injury liability waivers are included in almost every sports youth event. These waivers decrease the risk of legal disputes against the youth sports organizer during practice or games. Since there is always a risk of injury, each participant and the partners must acknowledge this waiver. 

While most parents are aware of possible injuries during games or training, you should include the injury liability waiver. You can make it mandatory for the participants to sign this waiver before competing in a sporting event. 

Medical Authorization Form 

Medical authorization forms are another necessary form to include in the youth sports registration. It allows parents to give authorization to another party to provide medical treatment to their child in their absence. 

These authorizations may need the parent’s insurance information, details of the preferred hospital, or emergency contact. Coaches or youth sports volunteers can keep this information during the game and practice sessions. 

Photo and Video Releases

Finally, many sports organizers might want to use the photos and videos of any event to promote them. So, it would help if you asked for the parent’s permission to post and share their children’s pictures and videos on social media platforms. 

You don’t have to include a lengthy document with complex language. Simply add a statement that seeks the parents’ approval for using photos and video of their children to promote sports events. 


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