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March 22, 2021
March 22, 2021 Cinch. HQ

It is a widely held belief that the future of many industries is mobile. Certainly this can be strongly argued when it comes to the world of technology. Many businesses have launched without having any kind of a web presence at all. Think of the countless apps that you have on your phone that don’t have a web app that goes with them. So why is the world of youth sports management any different?

With many organizations run by volunteers who are constantly on the go, the more mobile access that they have the better. Trying to manage their own children’s schedules, their work schedule, their family commitments, and probably much more, they ability to manage their duties to the youth sports organization they are helping while on the go is paramount.

Sports organizations, especially youth sports organizations, have to manage countless aspects of business. Many youth organizations are run by one of two kinds of people. Scenario one is where there are a group of parents who are usually volunteers that hold positions on a Board of Directors. Scenario number two is where a group of professionals manage all aspects of the organization. By professionals I simply mean a person who is paid full time to work for the organization.

A typical organization will select a software platform (or 10) to manage an aspect of their business. The basic issues that need to be managed are email marketing, player registration, payment, and email. Many programs require more than this but these are the bare essentials. Below is a list of some of the other services that are nice to have based on different programs:

  • Camps: Email marketing, player registration, payment processing, email communication.
  • Competitive: Tryouts, team building, team communication, scheduling, roster management, payment plans.
  • Recreational: Player registration, team building, Team communications, team scheduling, Roster management, waitlist.
  • School Sports: Tryouts, registration, team communication, scheduling, roster management.

As you can see there are many different issues that need to be managed in order to effectively run a program. Many organizations run multiple programs so when you combine all of the services needed it can become troublesome.

Very few of these services have experiences that are built for mobile. The large majority of this work has to be done on a computer. The problem with this is that for many organizations, the people managing all of these issues are also the ones that are out on the field. This makes it nearly impossible to do in an efficient and effective way.

So how do we fix this problem you ask?

Build for mobile first.

This is where Cinch. comes in. Knowing the pain points faced by organizations, and the fact that most staff are working out on the fields or courts, we wanted to build a software platform that was going to be extremely simple and intuitive to use while out on the field. We have felt the pain of printing out rosters every day, of not having enough pens for parents to use to check their players in and out of camp, of not having all of the players information or waivers available at all times, of not being able to easily have parents phone numbers or emails to send a text or call when their player is hurt or just wants to hear the assuring sound of mom or dads voice.

Athletic directors, Executive directors, coaches, managers, directors of coaching, camp directors and many more leadership roles require themselves to be out and about interacting with their members. In the traditional setup it is impossible to be both out interacting and keeping on top of the management of your program. Now that Cinch. Is an option all of your lives are going to become much easier. This will allow you to deliver a superior product to your members.

Schedule a demo today with one of our Cinch. specialists. Not only can they help show you what Cinch. can do for you, but our specialist have years of experience in the industry and are happy to share best practices.

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