Youth Sports Coaching Obstacles

November 18, 2022
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November 18, 2022 Cinch. HQ

Youth Sports Coaching Obstacles

The difficulties might be numerous for a young sports team manager, coach, or administrator.

The difficulties might be numerous for a young sports team manager, coach, or administrator. The coach’s to-do list may seem never-ending, including buying personalized team attire and fan merchandise and allocating sizes, numbers, and names. Moreover, time needs to be set aside for fundraising, mentoring, and coaching.

Raising Funds for Equipment and Other Facilities

Finding or raising the money necessary to financially support their squad throughout the year is another challenging challenge for coaches. Organizing fundraisers can be time-consuming and tiring, interfering with players’ valuable practice time. An excellent technique to effectively generate money for the team is incorporating a social media fundraising campaign to purchase uniforms. 

Players, parents, and you, as the coach, can lead people to your online store to support your team by including a fundraising option (fans can buy team gear and fan attire via the online shop). Less time spent distributing candy bars or rearranging order forms translates to more time for training.

Young Athletes Have Wrong Goals

For most young children’s sports, especially as they get older, winning is the only goal or yardstick of achievement. This is particularly valid for team sports. Unfortunately, winning does not reflect how well you competed. Even when you play exceptionally well, sometimes your opponent outplays you. Despite playing better than others, you still lose because of factors outside your control. 

Winning is important, but it’s not always a good sign of development and success. Every time a child completes a game, 50% fail if winning is the only measure of success. We must change our perspective and determine what is truly important. You can tell a child is having fun when you look at their personal development, dedication, and performance.

Specialization Pressure at Young Age

Given the availability of year-round training facilities and youth national championships, many parents feel forced to encourage their children to focus on one sport as early as six. The fact that young people as young as 13 are leaving is not surprising. They have been practicing for six days a week, 365 days a year, for the past seven years. 

The National Athletic Trainers Association advised young athletes to put off focusing on a sport for as long as possible. They contend that these young athletes are more vulnerable to injury, tiredness, and quitting sports due to the physical demands of specialization, stress, pressure, and a lack of downtime.

Lack of Communication Between Coaches, Parents, and Young Athletes

The most crucial component of a sports organization is communication between coaches, parents, and athletes. Additionally, it is one of the most difficult.

A coach wastes time because he needs to spend it talking on the phone or writing letters to parents.

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