Cinch. vs. Teamsnap

Be ready to be constantly bombarded by Ads.

The Difference

Teamsnap had to find a way to make more money to keep their investors happy so they decided to forgo the customer experience and bombard all of their users with ads. Everywhere you go in the app you are going to be constantly interrupted with ads at every turn.

Let's Compare

  • Annual Subscription
  • Website
  • Native Mobile Registration
  • Integrated Team Management App
  • Ads
  • Premium Support
  • Personalized Onboarding
  • Website Management
  • Built-in Social Feed
  • Health Checks
  • $0
  • $500 Set Up Fee
  • Both iOS & Android
  • Yes
  • None
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • $50/ month
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • $99 per Year
  • Additional Fee
  • Yes
  • $10.84/ month
  • Everywhere
  • No
  • No
  • Additional Fee
  • No
  • Additional Fee

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Costs Add Up

Teamsnap does a good job of keeping the fees confusing so you lose track of costs. There is a subscription cost, website costs, hosting costs, and each team monthly fee adds up. A club with 50 teams has a huge cost right off the bat.

Cinch provides unlimited teams for your organization.

Difficult Navigation

Many families have more than one player that plays youth sports. With Teamsnap it is very hard to manage multiple players on multiple teams. You have to keep going back and forth between teams to do anything.

Cinch allows you to manage all of your families activity in one place. No switching from team to team. You exist as an individual across all teams you are associated with.

Limited Integration

Teamsnap offers very little as far as integrations goes. Most of their integration involves widgets that can be embedded on your website but no actionable integrations from your registration information.

With Cinch, because of our API driven architecture any integration is possible.

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